Entry #6 “Off We Go” Indeed! (Reflections on a sign in a yard). / by Jean Moore

It’s one thing to think about a community production of Our Town and to imagine what it would be like to be a part of it. It’s one thing to watch the movie, and later to join in with neighbors for a read-through of the play. (That’s what many Tyringham residents have done since July of last year and March of this one.)

But it’s quite another to actually go to an audition and sign your name, agreeing to either take a part, or to sign on to the crew, or to agree to work in one or more of the many behind-the-scenes roles also needing volunteers.

Yet that’s exactly what a jolly good number of town residents did during audition days held on the weekends of May 20th and June 3rd. And then on June 4th, those brave souls who tried out and signed on received “the call” and were asked to become part of the cast or to take on roles as part of the crew.

So the Tyringham production of Our Town has metamorphosed from a twinkle in the eyes of producer Ann Gallo and director Courtney O’Connor to a flame burning bright in the heart of the town.

It’s no exaggeration, truly. Neighbors who sometimes may have taken each for granted now roll down their windows and heartily wave to one another—to (borrowing from a key line in the play) “really see one another.” People have taken on new aspects of their personalities. In addition to being stalwart members of the community, they are now also characters in a play; head of box office, in charge of lighting or sound; some are now in the choir, bell-ringers, ushers, parking coordinators…the list goes on.

Whether taking on an active role or anticipating the production to come, Our Town is bringing this town together, all eagerly awaiting the performance days, August 5 and 6 and 12 and 13, at 11:00 a.m., at the Union Church.

Bringing people in a community together…come to think of it, isn’t that exactly what community-based theatre does?

We’re in it now. “Off we go!”